Recording dreams: an exercise in iOS automation


Being a navel gazing, white, American male, it only makes sense that I see a shrink once a week. She’s really great. For the purposes of this post, we’ll call her Babs—which isn’t her real name, though I kinda wish it was.

In a recent meeting with Babs, we were discussing the quality and quantity of my sleep (which, to put it gently, suck miserably). During this conversation, we began talking about dreams. [Read more…]

Advanced OmniFocus Tactics: Project Linking


Let me tell you a completely made-up story.

I needed a new hedge trimmer last week. Out of nowhere, my old hedge trimmer bought the farm and, instead of just hitting Home Depot and picking up another electric pile of crap, I decided I wanted to buy a really fancy hedge trimmer. So, I found a pretend German company that produces the finest fake hedge trimmers money can buy. These trimmers are made entirely by hand; the engine runs on sunshine and the pullcord is made of unicorn tail hair. They even include an imaginary certificate of authenticty signed by the nonexistent person who builds them. [Read more…]

Do OmniFocus Better: 3 Fundamental Tactics

Of all of the important lessons I learned from my parents as I grew up, few stand out in my mind more clearly than my old man repeatedly instructing me on how scissors were to be held when walking.

“When you’re walking, point the scissors toward the floor so you don’t impale yourself if you fall down.”

If I heard that once, I heard it five hundred times, but my dad’s repeated admonishments about the scissors were enough to produce the intended outcome. Decades later, I still point the scissors toward the floor without thinking about it and I’m happy to say that I have yet to impale myself. [Read more…]

iOS Wizardry: Automating Your Daily Photo Project

6748759375_64ea47b3e2_bAt the start of each new year, lots of folks embark on a personal mission to take at least one photo per day. Maybe it’s a selfie.[1] Perhaps it’s a picture of a garden or a moose or whatever. The subject of the photo doesn’t really matter: just know that some people do this (maybe you do).

By combining a few of my favorite tools, I’ve managed to create an extremely efficient way to capture, organize, and store such photos. The process looks like this: [Read more…]

Examining Failure: Why my new book bombed

3267164904_5840eafb3d_bDoing everything better includes failing better. Failing better means a couple of things:

  • Accepting failure with poise
  • Avoiding similar failures in the future by examining why the endeavor failed
  • Understanding that failing doesn’t mean I’m a hunk of crap who can’t do anything right1

For that reason, I thought it might be worth taking a few minutes to explore why my new book completely tanked.2 [Read more…]

How to properly add lime to a bottle of Mexican beer

For years now, I’ve been watching friends and strangers alike make the same mistake and it needs to stop.

Of course, I’m referring to the clumsy, inelegant way most folks add a lime wedge to a bottle of cold—typically Mexican—beer.1 Applying a hunk of citrus to a refreshing, light beer is a quick and easy way to make it taste awesome, but it’s all for naught when improper technique is employed.

Here’s how most folks do it.

[Read more…]