Howdy! The name’s Kelly. Brett Kelly. That mud fence up there.

I used to do a lot of stuff on the Internet. I still do, but under a different name—and at a higher price.

Stuff that isn’t directly related to my work will go here. While I won’t make any promises as to theme, frequency, or quality, you can reasonably expect stuff that shows up here to fit into one of the following, intentionally-broad categories:

  1. Pictures of my family and our pets. This is a blog, after all.
  2. Food and drinks. I like both and, because I’m a proper Internet nard, I also go out of my way to photograph them in a faux-artsy fashion.
  3. Code. I write a fair bit of code and interesting bits may make an appearance.
  4. Short statuses like you’d find on a social network.
  5. The occasional article.

From a more elevated vantage point, this site represents my mission to own my data. As much as I can help it, anything that appears elsewhere on the web will also appear here. I’ll probably write more about why this matters so much, but that’s for another time.

On the docket:

  • A quick and easy way to syndicate content from this site to others. As automatically as possible, I think.
  • Once I nail down that first one, I’ll probably make a guide to creating this kind of site for yourself if that’s your bag.

Use the links in the sidebar to look around and get in touch with me if you want.