The Cardinal Mother’s Day Sin – Brett Kelly

The Cardinal Mother’s Day Sin

3260035676_eb46bee0f2_bThis one’s easy: forgetting.

It really is the worst.

At some point, most of us have had that “oh cuss” moment where it suddenly dawns on us that we didn’t make any preparations for our moms on their special day. That terrible thought has been the birth of countless grocery store bouquets and boxes of gas station chocolate, all purchased in haste on the way to mom’s house for brunch.

Those of us who’ve walked shamefully into mom’s house empty handed can testify: few things feel worse than disappointing mom, especially if she’s as saintly as mine.

Unfortunately, this epidemic isn’t limited to Mother’s Day. As any major gift-giving event approaches, we’re all iundated with advertisements advertising “last-minute” sales, gift ideas, and ways to make it look like we totally didn’t forget and are actually incredibly thoughtful.

This wouldn’t be such a popular marketing tactic if it didn’t work like gangbusters.

And it works because people forget.

I’ve certainly done it. Maybe you have, too (or you know somebody who has).

Your brain is great for solving problems, but demonstrably terrible at reminding you of things you need to know, when you need to know them.

Thankfully, we’re not up a creek in this regard. The fact is, we have the tools at our disposal that can help us never forget again (or, at least, very rarely—nobody’s perfect, after all).

For me, that’s Evernote.

It’s the perfect tool to capture gift ideas while you’re out and about, lying in bed, whenever they happen to pop into your mind. My workflow looks like this:

I have a notebook in Evernote called “Gift Ideas.” Everybody who receives regular gifts from me has a note in this notebook (each of my kids, my mom, my girlfriend, and others). When a gift idea comes to me, I just add it to the note dedicated to the intended recipient.

Super easy.

And I can configure the note to pop up on my phone a week (or several weeks) before I need to have the gift ready, so I can set it and forget it. I’ll know about it when I need to.

(there’s a reason Evernote’s tagline is “Remember Everything.”)

But you have to know how to operate the machine.

For my money, you can’t do better than Evernote for remembering just about anything, including gift ideas.

In a few days, I’m going to publish a full-blown case study where I’ll show you step-by-step how I created an epic birthday celebration for my girlfriend recently. Gift ideas/research, cooking a huge meal, the whole nine. The case study will also show how I can save gift ideas to Evernote in just a few taps of the ol’ iPhone.

My lady loved the party, by the way; I was bestowed the coveted title of “most awesome boyfriend.”

And Evernote was my ace in the hole.

The full case study including video will be for Evernote Essentials Premium customers. If that’s not you, give yourself something nice and get the Cadillac of Evernote training in the process:

Click here to get it.

If you’ve got Evernote Essentials Basic or Evernote Essentials Plus, give yourself something nice and upgrade using the link below. (You’ll need to login first so you get upgrade pricing.)

Upgrade here.

And, don’t forget, Father’s Day is coming up pretty quick…

(Image courtesy of kanonn)

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