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Mac Mastery and Knowing Your Tools

DSC_0220It may surprise you to learn that I’m not a master carpenter.

Truth is, I’m one of the least handy people I know (and I know a fair number of people). Handing me a saw and a hunk of wood, you might as well include the address of the nearest ER. It’s embarrassing.

My good buddy Chris is another story. I could spend several sentences extolling his handy guy virtues, but let’s just say the dude built his own bed. He’s good with his hands and he knows his tools. Whenever I have questions about building or fixing things, he’s the guy I ask.

Chris owns a Mac and an iPhone. See if you can guess who he calls when he has problems or questions with those…

That’s right. Me, baby.

Chris knows all about the doohickies and thingamajigs he needs to do his work. And I know all about mine, too.

Know Your Tools

Real talk: if you don’t have an expert-level understanding of the tools you use to do your work, you could be working better. Doesn’t matter if the tool is a paring knife, a planer, the English language, or a computer.

Since I trade primarily in technology and English, I’ve tried for years to always dedicate at least some time to improving my chops with both. I read as often as I can and am always looking for ways to use my Mac in the most efficient manner possible.

Over my many years of using a Mac, I’ve managed to get pretty damn good at it (if I do say so myself). The oodles of time I’ve spent learning the nooks and crannies of OS X have yielded me a solid set of skills and efficient ways of working.

I’d like to share them with you.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce Master Your Mac. It’s a new thing I’m doing and, if you use a Mac, I think you’re really going to like it.

In a nut, Master Your Mac is an education in taking your Mac knowledge to the next level — a collection of tools, tricks, and tactics for the casual Mac user who wants to do a lot better.

Just to be clear: this isn’t beginner stuff. None of what I’ll teach is terribly complicated, but it does assume you’ve got the basics down already. If that’s you, then get ready because it’s time to start working faster and better.

Check out Master Your Mac right here. I really hope you dig it.

Oh, and if you know any friends who might benefit from a sharper OS X sword, would you do your old buddy Brett a solid and send this post their way? I’d be grateful 🙂

(Big image—which, full disclosure, I modified slightly—courtesy of Jordanhill School D&T Dept)


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Dan Straton

I am interested in your tips, but would like a sample to see what I am going to be getting for my money. Do you have a free sample I could judge?


Good idea. Looks to be just about the right level of sophistication for most of us.


This sounds awesome, something I have really been interested in and Looking into for a while. About how many weeks is the course going to be?

John Diaz

What I would like to see is training on how to transition from a Mac to an iPad plus iCloud. I currently have a Macbook Air, iPhone 5S and iPad Mini. I would like to replace my devices with an iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro and increased iCloud storage and move all my data to iCloud or other cloud storage. Is it a reasonable expectation or should I also need to consider an Apple Mini to create my on server cloud and use iCloud for backup.

John Haley

This sounds great. I have been thinking about digging into Mac tips and tricks for for years to improve efficiency but just haven’t found the right path. I certainly fit the target audience here so I’m giving it a go. Good luck!

A. Milne

How do you differ from the Certified Apple trainers who will teach you for free?


Tell me more…

Viv Ilo Veith

Brett, your new Master Your Mac course sounds great! I will pass on the word.

If you ever decide to have an Expert Power User course I will sign up in a pico. I would love to learn to use things like Automator well and products like Text Expander or the less expensive aText, Alfred, MacBartender, and/or other apps that increase productivity for PowerUsers.


    Maybe I am missing what the content will be, but I was hoping to see some of what you are referring to in what he is talking about.

Simon Potton

I was going to subscribe, but it is not clear that the payment arrangement is secure. Do you do PayPal?


    Yes sir! Payments are handled by Stripe and the whole transaction is done via secure (SSL) connection.


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