Clean the Vomit off of Your Memories – Brett Kelly

Clean the Vomit off of Your Memories

Eight years ago, I took a picture of my then-infant daughter’s vomit all of the kitchen furniture.

(I have no earthly clue why I thought that was a good thing to remember, but I did.)

Six years ago, I was a few months into my job at Evernote and was happily cranking away on a bunch of projects (big secrets at the time). I had launched Evernote Essentials a few months before and was still reeling from the explosion.

(That was 80,000 sales ago. Still blows my mind.)

Four years ago, I first conceived of a product I wouldn’t create for another three years.

(I launched it almost exactly a year ago).

A year ago, I was writing notes—that I never sent—to a pretty girl I really liked. We began dating shortly after and we’ve been together for almost a year.

(She’s really, really something, you guys.)

Point to all of this?

I have a history book. I can throw a dart at any date in the last 8.5 years and quickly jump to that date in my history book, where I’ll see:

  • What I was doing at the time, work-wise
  • What I was reading online that I thought was worth saving
  • What my then-awesome ideas were (most of them were crap)

And so forth.

Photo album? Child’s play.

My memories have context. I not only see the thing I want to remember, but I can see what else was happening at the time the picture was taken.

I’ll take my personal history book any day. And I outline how to do it in Evernote Essentials.

Click here to learn how to make your own history book (and dozens of other uses for Evernote).

(Photo courtesy of Sarah Laval)

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