It’s Here: Evernote Essentials 2.0 Now Available!

Update: Evernote Essentials has been updated since this post and is now bigger and better than ever!

Click here to grab the latest version.

At long last.

I have, on my hot little hard drive, the second version of Evernote Essentials. It’s available right now.

I won’t lie to you “” this thing was a bit of a bear to finish. Between a difficult schedule and my beloved Evernote releasing new features faster and more frequently than I’ve ever seen from a software company and””of course””a bit of procrastination on the part of yours truly, there were setbacks. But, it’s finally here and I’m really, really excited about it.

New stuff

This edition contains three new chapters as well as countless updates to the content and screenshots. It’s grown by over ten pages, now weighing in at a swanky 95 pages of goodness.

The Deal

The sales page for the book has long said that everybody who bought it would get free updates for six months. Since I haven’t produced any updates in more than double that time, I’m getting rid of that little hunk of crap and offering everybody who buys it free updates for the life of the product. So, if you bought it on launch day or ten minutes ago, you’re going to get the new version for free as well as all subsequent updates.

The Bigger Deal

To celebrate the long-awaited arrival of version 2.0, I’m offering a 20% discount on Evernote Essentials from now through Friday, September 9 2011. Just use the coupon code “FINALLY” during checkout.

For as long as I worked on the book before it launched, I never dreamed it would achieve a fraction of the success it now enjoys. Thousands and thousands of people have grown their Evernote chops with this guide and hundreds have emailed me to tell me how valuable and helpful it’s been for them. Grab your copy here.

Note: If you already purchased Evernote Essentials, keep an eye on your inbox for a link to the updated version.

I couldn’t be more proud of it nor humbled by the overwhelming response””some days I still can’t believe it.

Anyway, thank you for your support. Long live Evernote.