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The Last Version of Evernote Essentials

I’m extremely pleased to announce that the day has finally arrived.

If it feels like it took well over two and a half frickin’ years to get here, that’s because it did.1

The newest update to my popular ebook Evernote Essentials is finished and it’s available right now.

If you purchased Evernote Essentials before today, check your email: you should have received your update instructions by now.2

If you don’t already own Evernote Essentials and you want to buy it, you pick up your copy here.

As a way of introducing the next generation of Evernote Essentials, allow me to give a little history…

A Little History

Evernote Essentials has always been a book. Written primarily to be read front-to-back, it was a sort of guided tour of the software that resonated with lots of people; around 75,000 at last count.3

As the years went by, Evernote began to change. Features would be added, changed or removed. Additional, separate applications would appear, then possibly disappear. Also, the devices where Evernote runs also began to evolve, both in hardware and software capabilities.

Since I promised free updates for the life of the product (which is still true, by the way), I began releasing updates to Evernote Essentials on a roughly-annual schedule. For several months I’d record changes to the software—as well as mistakes in the book—then I’d start work on the next version. A couple of months later, I’d release the update with much fanfare.

An Evolving Product

Through each iteration of Evernote Essentials, I found myself more and more constrained by having only written words at my disposal. Some things would take three paragraphs to describe, but three seconds to demonstrate…

Despite being known as an Evernote expert (which is quite true; I don’t know much, but I know Evernote better than most people), my own Evernote uses didn’t necessarily reflect those of my customers. I wanted a wider array of experiences from which to extract wisdom…

Starting today, Evernote Essentials is a whole lot more than an ebook.

See for yourself

The Last Version?

As of today, Evernote Essentials updates will be released on a (relatively) fixed schedule. No more version numbers or big fanfare-laden releases. The product will quietly receive updates and grow in strength (but don’t worry, customers will be notified when more awesomeness is added).

What can I say, I love a clever headline 🙂

Thank you

In many ways, this release represents a kind of rising from the ashes for me. After a long, terrible season, I’m finally finding my feet again and getting Evernote Essentials out the door is a big first step for me. I know I owe a lot of people a lot of email and I’m sorry this (and just about everything else) took so long to see the light of day. I appreciate your patience.

Check out the new Evernote Essentials here!

  1. What can I say — life gets weird sometimes. ↩
  2. If you didn’t receive the email, check your spam/junk folder. If you still can’t find it, go here. ↩
  3. Which is absolutely bananas. ↩

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